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During our work documenting the story of the 1st Armor Division veterans, we were greatly aided by members of the "Greatest Generation" and their families. We would especially like to thank the following soldiers and families who contributed with a great investment of time and emotion to telling their story:

  • Mr. Julian Kurtz and family
  • Mr. George Izewski and family
  • The Henryk Jozefewicz family
  • Mr. Tadeusz Walewicz and family
  • Mrs. Anna Barnett (Wojciechowski)
  • Mr. Jozef Wojcieszek and family
  • Mr. Ryszard Rydgier* and family
  • Mrs. Iwona Mooney (Proszek)
  • Mr. Tony Budkowski and family

*Passed away since interview

Please visit the Polish American Museum to see the 1st Armor Division exhibit provided by CMS

Members in the news:

Colonel Jung now has 3 sons who have served in the military and will be part of our exhibit featuring "Warrior Families", the story of multigenerational military service from Polish and Polish-American families. The tradition continues! If your family fits this description please contact us! Exhibit slotted for Spring 2012 at the PAM.

Basia Szydlowski, President of the Polish American Museum continues her sterling work as radio personality, garnering great reviews for her efforts in keeping alive Polish folk music on 88.7 FM every Sunday. She also finds the time to host the community affairs program every Monday at 6pm on the Hofstra University Radio station. This show has also won two FOLIO awards within the past five years. She has been the lynchpin or a series of renovations and upgrades at the PAM. Please feel free to drop by the museum and see this dynamo in action yourself.

News & Updates pages: page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6 page 7 page 8 page 9 page 10