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Author and honorary board member, Jerry Devlin has finished his manuscript on the life of General James Gavin. The book is with the editor and we are hopeful that St. Martins Press will be releasing it by fall 2008. Jerry’s previous works such as Paratrooper not only were best sellers but garnered great critical praise, several of which were on the recommended reading lists of most military education institutions such as the Army’s Command and General Staff College. A true gentleman and Ranger Hall of Fame honoree, Jerry and his charming bride Leona give an awfully active definition to the word retirement.

Mr. Jacek Paszkowski, a researcher for the Center started this year off by completing a series of interviews with Polish veterans of WW2 residing in the U.K. His digital recordings of the interviews are being used to plan for follow-up filming in the U.K. this summer. Concentrating on his Grandfather’s old unit, the famous 3rd Infantry Division, (Carpathian) of the Polish 2nd Corps, he has worked hard to bring the faces and stories of the veterans to flesh out their military record.

Founder, Gerald Kochan enjoyed his time spent interviewing Canadian veterans from his father’s old unit, the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade during the winter period. Their stories have been filmed and will be compiled with other Brigade interviews and original wartime footage and photographs in an upcoming documentary. Gerald would particularly like to thank President of the Toronto Chapter Mr. Czeslaw Smyka and the members for their kindness and patience during his visit. On a personal note, sadly the documentary will be released too late for many of the members who passed away recently, including his father, who passed away in late April 2008. To the veterans, we salute and thank you, Tobie Ojczyzna!

News & Updates pages: page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6 page 7 page 8 page 9 page 10