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Colonel Julian (Roh) Kowalski

Assigned to the I/145 Fighter Squadron, a Polish squadron flying the MS406, he fought in the battle for France. He was given credit for a shared kill of a Dornier 17 bomber. Again forced to evacuate upon the capitulation of the French, he found himself in Great Britain.

In G.B. he received training on British model aircraft and was assigned to one of the first two Polish Fighter Squadrons reborn on British soil, 302 Squadron – City of Poznan. It was with the squadron that he was quickly thrown into the Battle of Britain. He quickly made his presence felt shooting down a Dornier 17 on the 15th and receiving credit for 2 additional "probables" during the encounter. On the 18th he also was credited for probably shooting down a Junkers 88 bomber. The 19th removed all doubt as a Junkers was shot down by him with the aircraft crashing in full view of many witnesses. He received his first of several Crosses of Valor for his performance during that period.

November 25, 1941 saw him placed in command of the squadron. A role that he performed with such skill that he received his nation’s highest combat award the Silver Virtuti Militari Cross on the 20th of August 1942.

In September of 1942 he was assigned as Liaison Officer to 10th Fighter Group. While there, he received in November the British Flying Cross for his achievements while assigned as Squadron Commander for the 302nd Squadron.

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