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Colonel Julian (Roh) Kowalski

Colonel Julian Kowalski was not known as a flashy officer or pilot, he was never known for his carousing, but for being the one you turned to get the job done. Born in Nagornik, Poland on the 10th of July 1910, he was one of a generation that as children saw their homeland reconstituted and restored to independence. Like the rest of his childhood friends they were fervent patriots.

At first his technical aptitude resulted in him pursuing a degree in a Technical School in Radom, Poland. Upon his graduation in 1930, he became a road construction manager. Although technically minded he was also marked with a certain love of adventure which drew him toward flight. In 1932 he was admitted to the Air Force Officer Academy at Deblin. He was commissioned an officer and graduated with the 8th graduating class from the school in 1934.

He served with the 3rd Regt as a fighter pilot, mastering the P-7 fighter. It was during this period that he received the nickname "Roh", from one of the very popular Polish novelist Sienkiewicz’s characters. In 1938 he was selected as one of the tactical officers at the Academy at Deblin. When war broke out in 1939 he helped evacuate the cadets to Rumania and then proceeded to France to continue the fight when Poland fell.

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